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viernes, 16 de julio de 2010

"Angel Heart" and "Appaloosa"

Yesterday, I saw those two films with my boyfriend.

I liked both of them.

The most interesting to me of "Angel Heart" was the appearance of Mickey Rourke (young), who looked like Bruce Willis.
Besides from that, it was a good film; not the best I have seen, but a great one.

By the other hand, we saw the end of "Appaloosa" (we saw the rest of the film another day, but the file failed at the end), and the conclussion I get was that Ed Harris is super hard xD (and the film was fantastic).

See you!

jueves, 8 de julio de 2010



It's long time ago I don't write anything here, but I think nobody cares about it.

Nevermind, here I am.
I have passed the University entrance examination not as well as I thought.
They gave me a low mark: 7'612.
I still don't understand how did the give me a poor 4 in the Spanish exam, when I got 10s all the f*cking year.

Well, anyway, this year I'll concentrate on the music and I will try to enjoy my life.

I had a good San Juan's day, a fairly good birthday celebration; to sum up, a good time and good plans.

And all around me keeps being sweet and cute, except when this cute girls wants to kill'em all :)

See you!